Helping Businesses Do Better Business

We are a successful team that has decades of experience with personal development in the business field. We have helped a variety of  businesses go from struggling to flowing, by working with the behavioural influences within their teams. Developing an understanding of peoples individual behaviours and motivational traits allows teams to interact on a more productive level as well as increasing staff resilience which reduces absenteeism, stress and anxiety levels and generally makes for a better work life environment.

Who we work with

Typically my clients are: Company Directors; HR Directors; Managers; Team Leaders

We work with managers and their teams on anything that might hold back peak performance. We help the managers and their staff resolve the tricky interpersonal problems that make or break a business. The challengers can be personal or business related and my approach cuts through the barriers that prevent people from resolving the real issue, so you get results fast.

“I thoroughly enjoyed this training both personally and professionally. I have never experienced learning in this way before, very flexible and comfortable. Excellent and experience facilitators who shared some incredible powerful techniques.”

Elaine C

Types of companies

Start up, Consultants, SME’s,  National and Multi-National Companies.

 We work in 4 KEY areas

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Productivity
  • Problem solving
  • Critical Thinking

Our Success System

Through years of experience we have developed a highly successful system for turning stuckness to outcomes.  All my associates use my systems in conjunction   to their specific skill set.  This system helps individuals to get from feeling unconscious and living reactively, to becoming consciously aware of themselves and becoming proactive.

We develop leadership on all levels so that people take responsibility for their actions and deliver on their objectives.

We teach business soft skills that are needed to make teams work effectively; supporting it with coaching and mentoring that is either face to face or on a web platform.

Benchmarking, Training and Coaching

We start with a questionnaire that is anonymous and is given to you and your staff.  The results will help us to understand what your specific needs are by helping us identify your strengths, your weaknesses, and your areas of conflicts. We will then help you maximise what works whilst changing what doesn’t.

The questionnaire will identify and benchmark where your company is and where you want it to be in the future.

We will then be able to offer you one of our 5 training solutions that is followed by a 12-24 month coaching program.

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