I Think I Am – Louise Hay

I Think I Am

A lovely book for children to start understanding and practising affirmations. Beautifully written with lovely illustrations.

In this book, Louise teaches boys and girls about the importance of affirmations the thoughts and words we use in our daily lives that express what we believe to be true. [Read more…]

Who rules your life – you or your emotions?

You may well be thinking, “that’s a strange question to ask, of course I rule my life!”

For the majority of people that is not the case. Research claims that up to 95% of people live an unconscious life, this means that they generally react to what going on around them, without taking the time to think about how or why they are reacting in that manner.

We all know what emotions are – happiness, sadness, joy, and pride to name a few.

But have you ever thought about it any deeper than that.

What exactly are the point of emotions?

Emotions are your body’s way of communicating to you – sometimes it feels pleasant and sometimes it feels uncomfortable. It doesn’t mean that you have to respond to it immeditately, but it is wise to pay attention to it though.

So why does your body use emotions to communicate with you?

As you may be aware there are two parts to your mind. There is the conscious and unconscious. The conscious is the part that you are aware of, it is the part where you run through your thoughts and you process ideas. Your unconscious deals with all the other stuff. It deals with your breathing and running the body, the actual processes that go on behind learned behaviour, and filtering all the information that is around you. When needed it then passes what you need to know to your conscious mind.

The amount of information that the unconscious can process is approx 2,000 000 bits per second, whilst the conscious, can only deal with a fraction of that, around 126 bits per second. The conscious mind is limited to the amount of information it takes in, otherwise we would never achieve anything. If we identified and notice every tiny things that going on around us it would take an hour or so just to take two steps and we would feel overwhelmed.

What this means is that the unconscious has a lot more information at its disposal. If there is something that we need to be aware of, to keep it simple it will make you aware through an emotion.

Let’s take a look at two emotions so you can see what I mean.

  • Anger is just a message to say that something that you hold as important like a rule or expectation, has not be meet or has been broken by someone else or by yourself.
  • Fear is anticipation that something is going to happen, and asks whether you are totally prepared and ready for it?

So next time your emotions starts talking to you, stop, before you react unconsciously, and think about it for just a few seconds.

What is this emotion trying to tell you or what do you need to be aware off?

Then take action in a controlled manor that will create results that are beneficial to you.

Get the Life You Want – Richard Bandler

Get the Life You Want: Foreword by Paul McKenna. The Secrets to Quick & Lasting Life Change

Get the Life You Want – The Secrets to Quick & Lasting Life Change

by Richard Bandler

One of Richard’s latest books and as so, in it you will find the latest techniques and methodologies. It is simply stated and full of practical exercises that puts theory into reality. [Read more…]

Creating quick and Effortless Change using Hypnosis

How many clients have walked into your consultation room and expected you to wave a magic wand and create miraculous change for them? They have an expectation that they will experience a coma, you will make the change and then they will have amnesia of any old behaviour.

We all know that the only person that can do the changing is the client, but there is a way where you can bypass some if not all of the conscious resistance, by using hypnosis or hypnotic language patterns. [Read more…]

How to Help Your Child Become a Willing Achiever

3 Tips to Help Your Child Achieve Willingly

For many parents the daily battle of getting their child to do their homework can be exhausting, whilst the concern over whether they are achieving their best is always present.

How do you get your child to want to do well at school?

The simple answer is to give them enough power as an individual to realise their future is in their hands!One of the most important overall aspects of getting your child to be a willing achiever is to give them back their power. [Read more…]