Creating quick and Effortless Change using Hypnosis

How many clients have walked into your consultation room and expected you to wave a magic wand and create miraculous change for them? They have an expectation that they will experience a coma, you will make the change and then they will have amnesia of any old behaviour.

We all know that the only person that can do the changing is the client, but there is a way where you can bypass some if not all of the conscious resistance, by using hypnosis or hypnotic language patterns.

Hypnosis is not Mind Control

Firstly I need to make something clear; hypnosis is not some form of mind control – No one can be made to do anything they don’t want to do. In fact the second any suggestion is made which makes the client feel uncomfortable they will snap straight out of the trance.

Hypnosis will work only with clients that genuinely want to change for themselves and not because their partner, family or friends want them to. When this is the case, then hypnosis can help them change the unconscious aspects of their behaviour and what they would like to stop doing.

How does Hypnosis Work?

The reason hypnosis works is because as a behaviour is being learnt the processes occur in the conscious mind. Once the behaviour is learnt the processes occur in the unconscious mind, and often feel automatic.

Hypnosis allows you to work directly with the unconscious mind where the behaviours operates from.

Milton Erickson (affectionately known as the grandfather of hypnosis) said that “Patients are patients because they are out of rapport with their own unconscious… Patients are people who have had too much programming – so much outside programming that they have lost touch with their Inner selves.”.

By addressing this unconscious programming and making the client aware of what is actually going on, changes, some of which can appear miraculous, can be made with ease.

During a client consultation I can often trace the ‘issues’ they want addressing back to one or more behaviours. Once the client becomes aware of the behaviour they are doing to cause the ‘issues’, the changes can begin. To help them achieve results quicker I work directly with the unconscious mind through hypnosis and start changes there.

The result is a happy client!