How to Help Your Child Become a Willing Achiever

3 Tips to Help Your Child Achieve Willingly

For many parents the daily battle of getting their child to do their homework can be exhausting, whilst the concern over whether they are achieving their best is always present.

How do you get your child to want to do well at school?

The simple answer is to give them enough power as an individual to realise their future is in their hands!One of the most important overall aspects of getting your child to be a willing achiever is to give them back their power. Help them to understand that at the end of the day the only person who is going to gain out of them achieving is them!

Get them to feel that they have the power to make the decisions that will shape their future, and to understand how their actions and choices now, will shape their life.

Keep things simple, all you want them to understand is that they will have more choices when they are older, more chances to do what they want to do if they try a little now.

I have listed below 3 simple tips that you can do to start them off on the path to becoming a Willing Achiever

Be Objective

Step back and be aware of how your feelings are effecting the situation. Your response and expectation is often a big motivator to your child and what you are doing will determine how your child behaviours

Praise your Child

Constantly re-enforce how your child is doing by always praising what they have achieved no matter how little that actually is. If the child knows, no matter what they achieve you will be proud of them, they are more likely to try and will show you all their efforts.

Remember They Are Children

Although we are asking them to take on some responsibility, we do not want to overburden them. This is about teaching them to believe in themselves and to see the benefits of reaching for their goals and how getting the balance between work and play now, can have big benefits for them in the future.

They still need to be allowed to enjoy being a child and have plenty of time to play!

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