How to Improve the Human Factor in Business

When you take a look at a simple business model or a business plan, there is no reason why anyone in business should not succeed at what they are doing!! It is, after all quite simple.

However the list of why businesses fail is quite a long list, but if you analyse this list, you will find that most businesses fail as a direct result of the HUMAN FACTOR not working at a successful level, never mind at optimum performance.

Language, which is our only means of communicating what is going on in our heads, is a minefield. Every person will base the meaning of a communication on their own personal interpretation. Take the saying ‘the cat sat on the mat’. Everyone will know what that sentence means. But just take a second and go deeper. What colour is the cat, what type of mat is it, for that matter where is the mat. Ask any group of people and nearly everyone will have a different interpretation of the exact same sentence. Everyone understood the sentence, yet everyone gave it a different meaning.

When you think about it, how many times have you asked someone to do something for you? Even though they have done what you asked, they didn’t do it the way you wanted them to do it! In business, this misinterpretation of what seems like a perfectly clear statement can not only waste time but cause big problems.

In order to run a successful business you need to be able to understand people so that you can manage them successfully. To inspire an office you need to be able to communicate to everyone within the office, in such a way that they will all understand you. You need to be able to sell your product or service to your potential customers or clients in a manner that they understand and trust so that they actually want to buy from you.

Everyone in sales will have had good and bad sales days. Have you ever considered that actually everyday was the same? However on the bad sales days, it wasn’t that your client were just browsing, but because you just happen to get people that communicated differently to you, and as a result that all important rapport wasn’t there.

Everything that I have mentioned above, about being able to communicate, to motivate, to inspire and to sell are all things that make or break a business. This is where NLP can help. The study of NLP takes a look at everything you do, and helps you work out what you are doing well and not so well. It then gives you the tools and skills so you can do even better.

It allows you to lead by example and get noticed.

It will open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities.