NLP Business Course break down

What inspired me to deliver a NLP Business Practitioner

When I finished my Master Practitioner course, Paul McKenna invited me to assist on all his London based seminars.  I saw that there were a lot of people that came to do an NLP practitioner and didn’t know how to transfer the information into the environment that they were in.  The problem that I saw was that there was a need in the business market to help managers and their teams to work better, bring flow and enjoy what they are doing.  So I spoke with my mentor and trainer to do a Business NLP Licensed Practitioner.
We have to comply with the requirements of the license, so for this reason you still learn all the basics and straight away learn to use them in your specific work environment. This way you are able to obtain knowledge and skill that is useful to you and your life.  You are able to jump straight in and use what you have been taught.  Should you forget one or two things… you still have your manual and your workbook to go back to.  You can also go and register with my Youtube channel and get access to  a whole lot of top up videos that will remind you of all that you have learned.  These skills will not only enhance your life, but your they way that you work.  You feel more confident and more empowered to do the things you want to do and people around you will notice the better YOU!
The learning is old… traditional and based on science, but my style of training may be new to you.  You can take a look how our training is and make a decision that will change your life with confidence.  Below is a summary of my day to day training.
My mission is to help people flow in business, like what they are doing, enjoy work and deliver on their objectives.
I am known for delivering energetic and tranceformational trainings and I leave people feeling inspired, alive and ‘OH YEAH!”
I look forward to working with you.
Warm regards

Day One

Introduction, logistics and expectations of the course

What is NLP

The history of NLP

How do we create our reality

Our brains are like computers

The learning model

Inside and outside world

How we create behaviour


One point



Day Two

What is Leadership and good management?

How we represent our world

Listening to the language of our representations


Give attention…take it away

What is rapport

How to build rapport

Mirroring and matching

Eye Accessing


Learning relaxation

Day Three

The communication model

Non-verbal communication

Tone of voice

How to listen effectively

Become an exquisite communicator ( Meta Model)

Effective questioning for business

Powerful chairing and facilitation skills

Day Four

What is influence and persuasion

Learn the language of influence and Persuasion (Milton Model)

How to make compelling speeches

How to become an amazing presenter

Day Five

What is motivation?

Learn how to profile people and job roles (Meta Program)

How to speak to people in a way that moves them towards doing.

Learn how to interview for the right person(recruitment internal and external)

How to write compelling copy for marketing and advertising


Day Six

Coaching Model

Goal Setting

Time Management and precise planning

Connecting to your purpose


Day Seven

How to integrate all the information and create conversational change.

Student 1-2-1 session with real clients

Assessment and evaluation of student

Feedback and evaluation

Going forward

Once you have successfully completed the course, you will be awarded an NLP Business Practitioner License from the Society of NLP which is personally signed by Dr Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP), John La Valle (Chairman of the Society of NLP) and myself (Vicky Ross).

Your licence is valid for two year and can be renewable for free on proof of ongoing CPD and development in the field of NLP.