Personal Executive Mastery

Executive Coaching at it best!

In this modern climate Executives, Senior Managers and Team Leaders are finding themselves with more and more responsibilities.

Leadership now requires you to not only keep your company moving forwards but to also lead your colleagues towards manifesting their goals.

What is PEM – Executive Coaching?

PEM – is our Personal Executive Mastery Program which is a 12 month bespoke Executive Coaching Program that is made up for the requirements of each individual.

Elements we can include are raising self awareness, setting goals, tracking performance, provide accountability and team management. We will help you enhance your strengths and help remove limitations.

What drives this course:

The problem that I see time and time again is that most executives and managers are notorious for behaving in a dysfunctional way.  This creates an environment that employees are unhappy and hugely unproductive.   All this impacts on their performance and productivity and it is quite a mystery to the managers.  Employees of planet smart phone are more tidied to their jobs than ever before and getting a break is harder than ever.

Ineffective techniques in management don’t get the best out of their staff to get the best return on investments

The advent of technology means that people have the potential to be at work virtually 24/7 and the expectation of ineffective managers means that they are almost always are in order to satisfy those demands.   People are stressed to the hilt  as the demands to perform is at a level that does not produce success.  Most employees when they go home and still carry on working.  Being successful becomes ineffective and there is greater inefficiency at work

At Vicky Ross Training we recognise the challenges that both managers and teams face today.  We empower executives and managers to enable their teams to do BETTER BUSINESS.

A lot of people seem to have forgotten that work is a large part of who we are.  So we systematically work with people  to help them become better, to enjoy their lives and work , to become dynamic and more in touch with who they are.

Look after your staff and they will look after your customers

Excellence inspires excellence, and when people are led by passionate, sincere, and honest executives and managers, employees get passionate about what they do and bring success to your business.

Personal Executive Mastery - Executive Coaching Program with a differenceWhat are the benefits of PEM – Executive Coaching?

  • Increased personal awareness which enhances performance.
  • Clarity of goals, and accountability to achieving them.
  • Learning how to deliver outstanding and charismatic presentations.
  • Understanding your team dynamics and how to improve them.
  • Improving and enhancing communication skills.

Our Trainers are highly trained in NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming), Coaching, Language Patterns, Hypnotherapy and TFT (Thought Field Therapy).

They provide the client with a profile analysis and motivational report followed by our uniquely tailored package which is made in such a way that it combines training, coaching and counseling or therapy for every individual.

The PEM 1 Year Executive Coaching Program successfully facilitates the changes in:

  • Teaching confidence and corporate up-skill training on a 1-2-1 basis to new and existing Executives.
  • Teaching Executive Leadership skills and how to manage and motivate people succesfully.
  • Being able to become exquisite communicators and dealing with negotiations, conflict and conversations elegantly.
  • Teaching the executive about relaxation and being able to deal with stress in a positive manner.
  • Overcoming addictive behaviours like alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Teaching them outstanding and charismatic presentations.
  • The use of Influential and Persuasive language with outstanding outcomes.

The PEM Program Includes:

12 Days of  Training:-

  • 3 Days iManage U
  • 1 Day iInfluence U
  • 1 Day iPersuade U
  • 2 Days iPresent U
  • 1 Day iFacilitate U
  • 1 Day iTranceform U
  • 1 Day iMotivate U
  • 2 Days iCoach U

10 Two hour sessions of Personal Coaching and 1-2-1 Development.

See our success courses for more information on each product.

The 12 days training are done in a group environment and the 1-2-1 in private.  Each executive will receive a personal questionnaire and a personal analysis. There is ongoing monthly support and an e-learning platform for more learning to reinforce what has been covert.  There are also manuals, a journal and books supplied as well as MP3 audio products.

We are known for creating dynamic and transformational changes and we are leave our clients feeling empowered, inspired and enthusiastic.

If you would like to offer your Executives and Leaders this program call us to discuss how we can offer the 12 days of training to your company – please call us to see how we can help your company – 07859 940 947

There are many Executive Coaching Programs out there, we believe that ours is different from many others because we empower our clients with an in-depth understand of not only tools and skills  they can use, but how and why these tools work.

No two people will have the same needs, we focus on the behavioural aspect of leadership and descision making and facilitate the individual on how they can optimise their behaviour so that their performance is enhanced not only now but in the long term.

Call us on 07859 940 947 or email us at for more details or to start your transformational journery on our PEM – Executive Coaching Program