Success Courses

Our courses provided in-depth training which is dynamic, high energy as well as entertaining – boring is definitely not on our feedback forms.

By the end of the day you walk away knowledgeable and recharged!

“I was surprised by how much we learned, especially as the training Vicky provided was so much fun!  I could not believe how time flew.  Her training kept us all focused, engaged and willing to participate!  I highly recommend her.”

A.  Young

Our success comes from the depth of knowledge and quality of delivery of all our in courses.

Our Success Courses

NLP Business Practitioner

Our Business NLP Practitioners focusing on specific business areas like sales and communication and how to write copy.  Delegates who complete the course will be awarded a specific NLP business practitioner license.

We also run independent Practitioner Courses for anyone who would like to train with us independently from their colleagues or their business environment  – read more

7 Days – £1997 per a person

NLP Business Master Practitioner

Expands upon the knowledge learnt in the NLP Business Practitioner

9 Days – £2997 per person

The NLP Practitioners can be taken with or without any combination of the base success packages that we offer. Your individual package will depend upon your specific needs (please see below of some examples of how we create package’s)

The prices for the success courses are based upon a maximum of 12 people per a course.

iFacilitate U

Learn how to better facilitate conferences, seminars, meetings.

1 Day – £1997, 2 Days  – £3497

iManage U

Intro to management skills, communication and learning to understand behaviour

3 Days – £4497

iLead U

Introduction to self-leadership and how to develop yourself as a leader in an organization

4 Days – £5497

iServe U

Learn exquisite customer skills and how to develop amazing front line work force

2 Days  – £3497

iInfluence U

Learn the basic skills of Influence to be able to develop smooth rapport and flowing communication

1 Day – £1997

iUnderstand U

Learn verbal and non verbal communication, how to negotiate, handle confrontation, problem solve through the use of smart questioning, good understanding of communication and the meaning of words

2 Days  – £3497

iPersuade U

Learn how to use business hypnotic language and become more charming, persuasive and able to deliver compelling speeches and talks

1 Day – £1997

iMotivate U

Understand conversationally how to motivate your team and get the best out of them.  You will also learn to people profile which can be used in job interviewing and role positioning.

1 Day – £1997

iMarket U

Learn how to profile your target market and then write marketing copy for a very compelling marketing script. The techniques can also be used to write a dynamic speech, which will be highly motivating

2 Days  – £3497

iCoach U

Learn coaching skills that can be used in a working environment for managing teams, focusing meetings, getting things done.

2 Days  – £3497

iPresent U

Take presentation to the next level and learn the art of charm on the stage.  Overcome public speech fears and learn how to make use of your communication as well as non verbal cues

2 Days  – £3497

iTranceform U

A trancefomational day that build a compelling future.  An intense, dynamic and like nothing that you have experienced before.  Spend a day mapping out your goals and connecting to them on a higher level.

1 Days  – £1997

After we have carried out our consultation to discover exactly what your needs are we will create you own bespoke package ensuring that you only get the training you need and want, at a price that’s right for your budget.

Take a look at some of our bespoke solutions that we have created for some of our clients

Client ‘A’ – 2 days of Training – £3497

Client ‘A’ had a high staff absenteeism, which resulted in staff under-performing and missing their targets, they also had a high staff turnover.

Through the consultation we were able to establish that  the HR Managers didn’t really understand people’s behaviours and motivational traits.   They also didn’t know how to profile effectively a job role and match suitable candidates.   This lack of understanding also resulted in them employing staff that were not really suitable for their roles, causing stress and anxiety and a understanding too late on both the staff and managers that this role was unsuitable for them.

Our bespoke package consisted of 2 days delivered seperately over the period of a month.  It took elements from iUnderstand U and  iMotivate U. The result was that HR Managers developed an understanding of the individual behaviour and what motivates individuals.  They were taught how to profile a job role, and then how to use the interview process to match the most suitable  candidate for the available position. This was also used for effective staff retention and staff promotions.

This improved productivity, reduce staff absenteeism and stress/anxiety levels, and reduced staff turnover.

Client ‘B’ – 1 Day of Training – £1997

Client ‘B’ felt that as a salesl team they were not closing as many deals as they believe they should, often missing out on opportunities.

The consultation revealed that they were looking for training that would help them be more dynamic and pick up in the non-verbal cues that could help the close the deal.

Our bespoke package for them was a basic introduction to iUnderstand U and iMotivate U, combined into a one day course, which helped the team understand their clients needs better, learned to build effective rapport and therefore close more deals, and convert more opportunities.

Client ‘C’ – 9 Days of Training – £27,497

Client ‘C’ believed in training and supporting their managers and giving them a package that was more intensive and based on self development and personal awareness.  They wanted to develop a resilient team, that managed themselves well, communicated effectively and provided a good customer service.

The consultation revealed that staff felt worn out, stressed, took too many meetings, and were not managing and leading their teams effectively, which resulted that their team felt unappreciated, stressed and having high absenteeism.

Our bespoke package for their 12 managers was a 7 day In-house Business NLP Practitioner  with  an additional two days training bringing elements of iInfluence U and iServe U.  The result was their manager’s understand stood the basic elements of behaviour, developing elegant communication skills, as well as understanding the role of a coach and mentor.  Their managers were happy and were able to manage and support their teams effectively.  The big bonus was that they all experienced big personal transformations that made them happy at home that carried over to their work life, creating a productive and pleasant work-life environment.

What’s your next step?

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