FAQs about NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

What does NLP stand for?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming which means:-

  • Business NLP Practitioner Training - Kent & LondonNeuro – How an individual experiences reality through their neurology. Every person experiences the exact same event differently. Their version will depend upon how they receive, process and store the information through their five senses.
  • Linguistic – This is how the individual uses language and non-verbal communication. Every person has their own systems through which the information they process from every event is coded, ordered and is given meaning.
  • Programming – Everything we do has a ‘programme’. It is how we create the behaviour and the beliefs we have. We organize our communication and neurological systems in specific patterns, which allows us to achieve the results we do.

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The Map is not the Territory

Through this series of articles I will be taking some of the main points of NLP and give you a brief explanation of what they mean.

Lets start with ‘The Map is not the Territory’. To make sense of this point I first need to explain a few things about how a map is created and then I will explain how this fits into NLP and behaviour.

A map is just a representation of a landmark, and although is some aspects it is very accurate, to enable this representation to fit on the paper some changes have had to be made. [Read more…]

What are NLP Language Patterns

In the world of behaviour the spoken language is the primary way that we are able to communicate our thoughts, ideas, belief, fears and limitations. It is the main tool that we have to translate our internal mental creations to the outside world.

Inside this language are secrets (language patterns) that are hidden not only to the untrained ear, but also to the beholder. Language tells the story of how the behaviour exists, and if you learn to listen well, you will be able to hear exactly what the underlying issues are, as well as how to solve them.

This skill is worth it’s weight in gold. [Read more…]

What is NLP?

What’s does NLP stand for?

The actual definition of NLP is:

  • Neuro – Nervous systems through which experience is received and processed through the five senses.
  • Linguistic – Language and non-verbal communication systems through which neural representations are coded, ordered and given meaning.
  • Programming – The ability to organise our communication and neurological systems to achieve desired goals and results. [Read more…]

What can NLP do for you?

Maybe, you should ask, what can’t NLP do for you?

NLP will give you the advantage, it enables you to totally transform the way you look at life and communicate with those around you. By truly understanding your own behaviour and communication styles, you will then be able to get results you had never imagined were possible. [Read more…]