All the testimonials are taken from course feedback forms or letters that have been emailed to me by my clients.  There are more testimonials on my linked in page.

“Fiona and Vicky are not just delivering sessions and imparting knowledge they are guiding you through a whole learning experience that includes experiential, observation, practical and theory. Their ability to deliver the sessions in a humorous and fun way means the audience are fully engaged and eager to learn as much as is possible. The numerous courses I have attended in my career have not come anywhere near to delivering the learning that Fiona and Vickys’s NLP courses have provided.”

Anne Maria O


Vicky Ross, Richard Bandler, Fiona Campbell and John La Valle Dr Richard Bandler, John La Valle, Vicky Ross and Fiona Campbell


“I highly recommend Vicky Ross. She is continually updating her training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed and is licensed internationally through the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.”

Testimonial by Dr Richard Bandler, Co-founder of NLP

“I find it difficult to write in words what a profound effect this course has and will have on the rest of my life. I feel like I have been given a very special gift to work with which I will share with everyone both professionally and personally”

Nikki D

“My experience in the NLP Business Practitioner course was one I will not forget. The energy and professionalism shown by Vicky and Fiona throughout the 8 day course was outstanding. I have taken away not only a new set of techniques but also a richer sense of self-awareness that I use in my own work as a psychotherapist and executive coach. I would recommend Vicky and Fiona for their positive, motivational ways of working combined this with their supportive and engaging touch.”

Louise W


“This course has improved my self-awareness, beliefs and values and has given me the ability to improve business outcomes. I have gained skills to participate and lead improved communication by way of now having a deep understanding of verbal and non-verbal clues and language patterns”

Zoe H